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Green n’ Lean


So you’ve made the decision to eat SMART - Organic meatless food, which is healthier… but some of your health choices may not have given you all the nutrients you deserve.

Un-sprouted seeds and grains contain “anti-nutrients” such as enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid, which prevent proper digestion.
The result is poor absorbtion on nutrients and incomplete digestion of proteins, which can irritate the intestines, often resulting in inflammation and allergic reactions.

When seed sprouts, the changes are profound. It undergoes a complete metamorphosis, creating an entirely new bio-available food source.

Phytic acid enzyme inhibitors are reduced resulting in increased bioavailability

Enzymes can increase as much as 8 times resulting in increased bioavailability and nutrient absorbtion

Cofactors and coenzymes are created to more effectively absorb and utilize the essential fatty assets such as Omega 3

Vitamins and antioxidants are increased as much as 10 times.

The ratio of soluble to insoluble fibers is increased.

Here is why Green n Lean belongs to a class of its own:

1. Swedish produce – All ingredients including, processing, packaging are from Swedish sources.

2. Organic – Ingredients are all from Swedish local organic certified growers.

3. Vegetarian Food – Vegan – no milk or lactose.

4. Low GI – slow carbohydrates & lots of fibres helps increase absorbtion of nutrients.

5. Keyhole Certification – Less than 8% fat.

6. Omega 3 – Contains natural Omega-3 and Omega-6 in proportion 1/3

7. No Soy – as an increasing number of people are developing allergies from the Soy protein.

8. Top quality – Buckwheat, Yellow Peas and Naked Oats.

9. Pure & Functional – no additives.

10. Unique Processing – Conserves the nutrition.

11. Frozen Ready-to-eat – needs only to be heated to serving temperature.

12. Free-from - Gluten, Sesam, Nuts

By switching to organic vegetarian food you do yourself a favour, and support a healthy environment.

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